Self Care

“Self care” and “functioning” seem to be interchangeable to some people, at least based on memes I see reposted/reblogged. I don’t think they truly understand what self care is. Maybe I am the one that is understanding things wrong. That’s possible and it would be okay but it would take a lot to change my mind.

When people are having trouble with depression or severe anxiety, to me, self care is more about self soothing than anything else. It’s about trying to make life feel livable through those moments. I recommend pleasing each of your senses. I do recommend bubble baths and incense, scented candles, chocolate, your favorite movie or book and a soft blanket. I recommend finding the things that make it feel worth moving forward. I recommend snuggling and sex. I recommend french fries and heavy metal.

I keep seeing posts on social media that say “self care isn’t the cute…” but then go on to list things like showering, washing dishes, paying your bills. If I am capable of doing these things, that means it’s a good day and I am functioning. Some days I can take a shower and I can put my dishes in the dishwasher. If I can’t do those things, then those are the times I actually NEED self care.

Sometimes I’ve already done the showering and it feels like too much. Afterward, I’m sitting here not really able to do anything and I need my soft blanket and a cup of tea. Am I the only one that feels that these are two separate things? That feels that self care is about taking care of your emotions so that you’re able to function later? Or that functioning can lead to needing self care?

I realize this is a somewhat rambling post but I have only slept an hour and quite honestly, putting my thoughts out there for others is a form of self care to me. Later today I have a doctor’s appointment and thus have to “function.” If we’re going by my descriptions which do you feel you can handle right now?

~Brutally Honest Eccentric~

2 thoughts on “Self Care”

  1. My self-care is usually reserved for the weekends and after work. I’m so damn exhausted after work that I pretty much eat, make sure my mom has everything she needs and going upstairs to fall asleep for a few hours before I actually go to bed. And a large part of at least Saturday is spent in bed, too.

    I shower usually at night, because I don’t like to be rushed in the mornings (i’m obviously not a morning person) but not every day. 2-3 times a week is all I can get the strength up for. Less if I’m not working.

    It’s tough for me to eat comfort food right now because a) I’m dieting and b) I have to worry about my glucose levels, so that’s one item taken away (but I have cheated a little).

    Sometimes, it’s really tough to self-care.

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  2. I’m functional now after my depressive episode this year, but self-care is impossible when I’m not functioning 😦


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