Grief, love, and the UK

So I’ve had a rough go of things recently. My friend lost her battle with addiction. My grandfather passed away. My medication for my brain pressure is doing HORRIBLE things to my stomach. I am nauseous most of the time. Grieving most of the rest. One thing that I have always used when I’m not doing well as a coping skill is distraction. One such example is my phone games. One that fills my soul a bit more is discussing UK politics, although I’m American, I have many friends in the UK and their futures matter to me.

If you are in the UK, please remember that May 22nd (tomorrow) is the deadline for voter registration. Although I try not to be political in this blog, this ONE time I will (I promise, this will not become a habit). After watching many posts, reading some other things, watching the pain and suffering that has been happening to so many people, I do truly hope that the Tories are tossed out on their asses and Labour instated wherever it’s possible. I urge you to consider them, read their manifesto, listen to Corbyn, not just what the media says but what PEOPLE say.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say to listen to people, please check out this blog – From The Many, Not The Few – Real stories from real women about the suffering that’s been inflicted upon them under the Tory administration. This is about more than a single issue, this is about helping to save lives, educate children, having a place to live, to feel safe, to have benefits that you can actually survive on. The Tory administration has caused a lot of pain for a lot of people, and it’s okay if you don’t want to vote Labour but I hope you consider it. If Labour isn’t a viable option in your area, consider voting tactically… but please, for the love of all of my friends and for the love of all of yours, overturn this administration moving forward.

I know this probably wasn’t what you were expecting when you opened this, and I’m only marginally sorry. I feel very strongly that there are injustices being done over there and I have watched it happen to people I love. What wouldn’t you do for people you love?

Again, voter registration deadline is tomorrow, May 22nd. Vote Labour, vote tactically, but please, please vote.

~Brutally Honest Eccentric~

#VoteLabour #ForTheMany #ToriesOut #SaveOurNHS #JC4PM #CutsKill #Labour #LabourManifesto

And just so it shows up when they search it: #torymanifesto

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