Awkward Beginnings and more.

cam008971There’s always a beginning. It’s awkward and you don’t always know how to take that first step. Sometimes it’s when you meet someone for the first time, you think you click with them but then you fumble around in your head wondering, do I ask for their number? Do I ask them to grab coffee sometime? Maybe you get the words out, maybe you get lucky and they get the words out so you don’t have to. Maybe you’re starting a new job, you walk in and feel under-dressed (or overdressed). You worry that your coworkers are going to have this first impression of a slob (or a snob). That’s what this moment is for me. I’m sitting here wondering if you’re going to get past this first post or think this isn’t worth your time. That’s me there… if you can’t get past the weird hair and make up, we probably won’t make it far.

First impressions are hard, but they’re not everything. I’ve learned a lot from interactions with people across the world. I’ve learned how to fall in love and fall out of it. I’ve learned how to live with mental illness and not just survive but really live. I’ve learned how to help people with their jobs, relationships, coping skills, families and how all of these things work with each other. I have learned how to give peer support and relationship advice and even helped people learn to understand their family in order to get their family to understand them better.

Unfortunately since there are many law suits in the world, and let’s face it, I can’t afford one, disclaimers are a necessity. I am NOT A DOCTOR. I have never been a doctor, I’m not planning on ever becoming one. NO advice here should EVER take the place of a medical professional. If you decide to follow advice that you see here, please know that you’re an adult and it is YOUR choice to do so and I am not responsible for any outcome. If you see information about a medication, it is based on personal experience and not meant to be any sort of advertisement – actually this goes for anything – I’m not here to sell you cures. I’m here to offer wisdom from experience, mine and those that have known me. I may add to or edit this specific post as needed to reduce liability but please, just be responsible and understand that this is not a place to come in lieu of any professional.

I do give good advice though. If you ask anyone that’s known me for a bit, they’ll tell you. It’s not the advice you want to hear. I’ve always been brutally honest, hence the name. This leads to people getting upset with me sometimes, and it has ruined friendships. People believe honesty is refreshing, until it’s something they don’t want to hear. Some people are able to incorporate constructive criticism. These are the people who tend to stick around.

One of my rules – don’t ask a question you don’t want the answer to. This seems like a simple concept, but people forget that the honest answer isn’t always the easy answer. I don’t do little white lies. I don’t do enabling. I welcome you all to ask me questions and I will answer you. Perhaps not right away, but I do intend to answer as much as possible when I am able to. I do have emotional limits… but I will do my best to work with you if you want to work with me.

So this is the awkward beginning of a journey with a 36-year-old woman with mental illness who wants to try to help bring a little sanity to your world. I hope, in time, you’ll come to trust me and we’ll abandon the road less traveled for a path we create together.

~Brutally Honest Eccentric~